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Trying to comment?

bangla choti November 25, 2006
I'm getting emails from people who would like to comment, but aren't sure what to do. 1. Click either "Comments" or "...Read More
Trying to comment? Trying to comment? Reviewed by bangla choti on November 25, 2006 Rating: 5

"I Wish I Could Tell You..."

bangla choti August 07, 2006
What do you wish your partner or present/ past/ future lover(s) understood about your sexual wishes, needs, turn-ons, turn-offs, and worries...Read More
"I Wish I Could Tell You..." "I Wish I Could Tell You..." Reviewed by bangla choti on August 07, 2006 Rating: 5

Please contribute your comments!

bangla choti January 30, 2006
I invite you to please comment, so that we get our community talking. Nuts & bolts: If you are confused when confronted with "user ...Read More
Please contribute your comments! Please contribute your comments! Reviewed by bangla choti on January 30, 2006 Rating: 5

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