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One Night Having Sex With 15 Wild Peoples__Sex Story 365

One Night Sex With 15 Wild Peoples Hardcore

Now, I would love to tell you, one of my sex encounters which I accepted due to the huge offer amount but that was one of the worst assignments of my life. I got this from one my old client. He was offering huge money and I was really needy person that time. I had been told that it will be gangbang of 15 people and could be wild. I had done lots of wild sex sessions with 3 people; so accepted the same without any worry. It was scheduled for weekend in a resort outside city. It was only booked for this event.

I had reached to resort on time. No one had come yet. I had taken a look of resort and went to resort. I got a phone from my client and he had told me the schedule. I supposed to do a cat-walk in front of 15 people. I had reached behind the stage on time. I was fully dressed and started my cat-walk. There are 15 naked men sitting on both side of stage; they are laughing, whistling and cracking jokes. I was doing cat-walk on loud music and they were harassing me for removing my clothes. I was showing nice attitude and very confident and started removing clothes one by one.

As clothes were removing from my body, hutting was going fast. They were enjoying and I was also feeling good due to nice audience. Overall, till that time everything was good. Hutting was hot when I had only bra and panty on my fair and sexy body. I wore netted black bra and panty and it was looking sexy on my 36-30-36 figured body. I could see, all men had taken their dicks in their hands and shaking well. They all were looking like mad bull or hungry wolf who could be wild anytime. One guy stood up and taken me in her hand and throw me in a tub. That tub was full of beer and I got dip in that. I had swallow lots of beer and getting drunk.

Then, few guys come and got in the tub and started pulling my bra-panty and almost tore it. They made me completely nude and started playing with my boobs, tits and pussy. It was not enjoyable to me. They all were biting me like dogs and eating me harshly. I thought that today is your last day of life and your survival is no more. Those guys took me out from tub and laid me on stage. Two guys came to my mouth and both were trying to push their dicks in my mouth. I had stopped one and taken one in my mouth and licked that hard, I had taken two dicks in my hands and started giving wild masturbation. One guy came to my pussy and started rubbing his dick on my clit and pushed his dick hard. I was shouting with pain and trying to escape. But, no one wanted to leave me.

People are coming and fucking me hard and I was also licking them passionately. One by one I had fucked by 10 people and they had smashed my pussy and ass well. Then, one guy sat on his knees and two guys helped me to sit on him. They opened my ass and kept on his dick and pushed me down. His black huge dick was completely in my ass and he started pushing it hard. My body was shaking and I could feel that his dick was fucking me deep. Then, one guy came over me and opened my cunt and kept two dicks on it and pushed it hard. There are four dicks in my three holes and fucking me hard. My body was paining like hell. There dicks had given up and left their cum inside my body and over my body.

They had fucked me on stage, garden, poolside and other possible place also. One guy got mad and took me in room. He closed the door and other was outside door. He threw me on bed and opened my legs and pushed his dick fast. His huge dick was pushing faster and harder. How many times, I cummed? I didn’t remember. He fucked me hard and my pussy and ass hole got bigger and red due to different size and widths. He alone fucked me 3 times in 2 hours. I was just about to infant. I requested him to have relaxed. I spend time with him till morning. I got in my room for rest and all other people went to play golf. I was hired only for one night. I left in evening and two other girls came another night. I was paid well but this sex gangbang taken my life.
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