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Dad and son have sex with Mom – Family taboo sex story 365

Dad and son have sex with Mom – Family taboo

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“How’s it going son?”

“Got a miss. Think I’ve found a cracked plug wire.”

“Well before you go out and buy one I think your Grandpa may have a set hanging in his old shed. Take a look on the back wall.”

“I’m sorry I never got a chance to thank Grandpa for this old car. I sure never thought he would leave it to me. I thought, maybe Tony. He’s older, you know like the first grandson thing.”

“Your Grandpa used to say “Cars are like women. Treat m’ right and they’ll be there when you need m’.”


“You need some help Bill?”

“Not with the car. But I know you know a lot more about women that I do. It’s Gina. I think she’s pissed off at me.”

Dad held up a hand and looked toward the house. Check to see what Mom wanted as she stepped out on the back porch.

Mom said “I’ve just made a fresh pot of coffee would you boys like a cup?”

Dad said “Sure Dear, we’ll be right in.”

Mom called back “No need I’ll bring it out to you. I don’t want you two tracking dirt in my kitchen.”

I leaned back on a fender of this classic 1955 Ford Pick up truck. Dad sat in a lawn chair and we both watched Mom retreat into the house. Dad said “I love your Mom but she can show up when you don’t need her to be listening to a man to man conversation. Now what were you about to say about Gina?”

“Oh, hell I think I fucked up.” I paused and looked at Dad. He was waiting for more information so I said “We were in the park last night, you know necking and just fooling around. I had a hand on her tit when I told her she had pretty little tits. Well I guess that was some how wrong as hell. She got PO-ed and asked if I wished she had big tits like Lora.”

Dad asked “You talking about your cousin Lora?”

I looked at him and said “Yea, Gina got this crazy idea I want to fuck my own cousin. Gina is getting really clingy here lately. I don’t like a jealous girl. I want to be able to say what ever I want without her getting all huffy.”

Dad looked up at me over the rim and sipped his coffee.

I said “What?”

Dad was grinning from ear to ear. He said “Christ son, you popped her cherry and now she thinks you’re her property. That will do it every time. Didn’t I teach you anything? Your eighteen now and old enough to get married with out my permission and she knows that. You better look out or she gets knocked up and there you’ll be.”

I guess I looked stupid any way he knew I had popped Gina so I did not deny it. I said “Was Mom like that? Do all women get that way after you start fucking them?”

Dad smiled and said “It was different with your Mom and me. She was not cherry when we met. So she was happy to see I was serious and wanted to marry her.”

I said “So it’s because Gina was a virgin and all that cherry shit?”

Dad said “Son they never get over the first one no matter how many guys they fuck later.”

I said “Oh, shit. I don’t want to get married. I want to go to college next year. What the hell can I do to get her off my back? I mean she’s nice and I like her and all but I’m not ready for marriage.

Dad said “I know it will hurt but I think you need to tell her you want to fuck someone else. Or at least tell her you want to date someone else.

That might take the edge off and she might think she had better get off your case. I dated your Aunt Karen before I met your mother.”

I said “Uncle Russo’s Karen?”

Dad smiled and nodded. He said “Any way I ganged Karen and she gave up her cherry. After that she was like a watchdog. Of course she is no dog as you well know. I really liked fucking her and son let me tell you no other girl I’ve ever met can suck a cock like your Aunt Karen. Not even your mother. But to get back to this jealousy thing. I had to start sleeping around to show her she was not all that important to me and that made her get off my ass.”

I said “God I have looked at Aunt Karen for years and got a hard on every time. She is one sexy lady. Uncle Russo’s a lucky guy. Did he know you were ganging her first?”

Dad said “Oh, hell yes. After I got her cherry we started banging her together. She loved that doubling up shit and we did too. I tried to get your mother into swinging with them later on but she was not into fucking relatives.”

I looked at Dad and he looked back. He hunched his shoulders and said “Yes, yes we, your mother and I were into that wife swapping shit for a few years and well we liked it. Like I said your Mom was not a virgin when we met and so fucking a few more guys was no big deal.” Dad seemed to slip off into a dream land as he smiled from ear to ear.

He sat up straight tossing the last of his coffee in the grass. He said “All this talk has got me horny as a toad. I’m going in and fuck your mother.” He stood and had one foot on the porch when he turned back and said “Why don’t you give us about fifteen minutes and then come up and just pop in. It might be fun to see your mother’s reaction. But act surprised or she’ll kill us both.”

Dad knew I had secretly watched them fucking before but Mom never knew. I wondered what made today any different. Dad had been gone about ten minutes when I got an idea. If I walked in on Mom and Dad by accident why couldn’t Dad walk in on Gina and me by accident? Maybe we could even get Gina to fuck Dad. That might be just what I needed to get her off my back.

I pushed on the bedroom door. Dad had let it unlatched. Mom was sitting across Dad. Her back was to the door. Mom has a really beautiful ass and a great pair of knockers. I pulled my cock out and started jerking off. I got fully erect in seconds. I slowly walked up and stood just out of sight of Mom’s eyes. It did not make much difference as she had her eyes closed anyway. I watched Moms’ tits bounce and swing from side to side. Dad saw me. He smiled.

Dad said “Elaine baby. I want you do finish me off with your mouth. I want to watch you suck me off. OK?”

Mom opened her eyes smiled and said “Sure dear.”

Mom slipped back pulling free of Dad’s cock. I could see it was all covered with creamy white foam. Mom did not look around she just lowered her mouth down over Dad’s cock. I was so fucking hot I moved up and stood there next to the bed cock in hand.

Mom jerked back turned her head saw me and what I was doing. She looked back at Dad and said “You son of a bitch. What the fuck is this. You want me to fuck my own son? You cock sucker are you fucking crazy?”

Dad said “He’s seen us fucking before and he loves to watch you suck me off. Why not enjoy Bill too. You love him. Just pretend he’s one of the guys you’ve fucked before. Elaine; go ahead let him fuck you while you suck me off. Okay?”

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Mom looked up at me then at my cock. Mom blinked, dropped her head to her chest and shivered. Everything was frozen for a few seconds as if time had stood still. Then Mom leaned down to return sucking Dad’s cock and at the same time she lifted her ass up a little spreading her knees too. I dropped my jeans and climbed up on the bed. I looked at my Mother’s ass. I aimed my cock at her very wet very sexy cunt and pushed into the hilt.

Some how that set my Dad off. He moaned, jerked and squealed “Oh, fuck suck it baby, suck it I’m cumming.”

Mom lowered her head so far down Dad’s cock had to be going down her throat.

Dad arched his back lifting his ass off the bed. I grabbed Mom by the hips and rammed in deeper. Mom tightened her grip on my cock and I busted a nut. I was fucking and cumming in my Mothers tight slippery cunt. I went crazy. I was banging away like a jack hammer cumming and fucking faster than I had ever done before. Mom was a great fuck and at that moment I knew why Dad had married her and stayed married all these years.

I was the first to leave the bedroom. I closed the door behind me. I washed up and returned to my repair job. It was over an hour before Dad came out.

Looking up I said “Did you have a lot of explaining to do?”

Dad sat in the lawn chair “Not near as much as I thought I would. Your Mother has taken it well. She is not up set. In fact I’ve ask her to come out and bring us a drink. We do need to talk. Don’t you think?”

I agreed. Mom came out with a tray with three drinks on it. Dad likes a highball, Mom likes Gin and she had a beer for me.

We all sat around smiling, no one wanting to go first. Finely Mom said “I should cut your Fathers’ tongue out for telling you most of his and our life’s story. But I won’t because he does pretty good with it. That long tongue it’s almost as long as his dick.”

I had to laugh. Mom said “If you young man had used your’s more often we’d most likely not be out here having this conversation. Gina’ not pregnant is she?”

I said “Hell no. I fucked her sure but I used a condom.”

Mom said “So now she’s being a jealous bitch is that right?”

Dad started to speak took one look at Mom and shut his mouth. Mom asked “I understand you don’t even want to consider marriage at your age. I agree. And I agree with this asshole.” A thumb pointing at Dad. “You need to do something to more or less put Gina in second place that should take the edge of her jealousy.”

I was stunned at the openness of the woman I have called Mother all my life. This was a side I’ve never seen or heard. Mom was hard, hard as nails and I could see it in her eyes and in the tone of her voice.

I was seeing my mother in a different light as I had just an hour ago. I was seeing her and feeling her both as a caring mother taking care of her cub and a sexy bitch I wanted to fuck again. I felt my cock punch at the zipper of my jeans. Mom I think noticed it too.

Dad was grabbing his balls. I think something in Mom’s voice had once again wakened Dad. He knew Mom petty good and what ever he was hearing was getting him all horny. Something in her voice, something in the conversation or maybe it was me.

Maybe I was the catalyst that binds and since we’ve already had a threesome maybe Dad wanted another shot at it. I was listening but my mind was else were.

I said “Mom you’re so beautiful I just had to have some of you. I’m not sorry. Hell; I’m getting all horny all over again. Can we go inside and do that threesome thing again?”

Dad smiled, Mom looked at Dad and then back at me. Mom smiled and held out her hand to me.

She said “This time we’ll all enjoy one another relaxed and up front about everything.”

She looked at Dad and said “Come on ass-hole you too.” She said that with love in her voice. My Dad is a smooth son of a bitch. Mom was doing all the talking but he was pulling her strings.

An hour later I was in my bathroom very gingerly washing a sore dick. The poor thing had been bit, squeezed, pulled and jerked.

When I left Mom and Dad, Dad was nearly asleep while Mom was smiling as she cupped a hand over her pussy and ass hole.

Dad and I had each gotten a blow job while the other watched, we each had fucked Mom and then I had my first sandwich ever. That was so great. Mom loved it and she had climaxed so many times I lost count. I don’t think she cared.

My Mother was a fucking nymphomaniac. I wondered how I could have missed that all these years.

During this free for all we had agreed we would some how get Dad to catch Gina and me in the sack. Then have Mom catch Dad and Gina fucking. Mom would make Gina agree to not to see me any more and in return Mom would not tell her mother she was fucking my Dad and me.

After a long hot shower I rested. It was late afternoon when I woke. I slipped on jean shorts and a T-shirt and went down stairs.

Mom was in the kitchen making something for dinner. I found a beer, sat at the table and watched her move around the kitchen as if nothing had happened today.

I said “Mom does this change any thing? I mean we’re family and this kind of thing is called incest and considered wrong. What do we do?”

Mom said “Not tell any one would by my suggestion.”

I laughed, so casual I said “Gee why didn’t I think of that.”

“Bill, my darling son that is what Mother’s are for.”

We laughed. I said “I was thinking of moving over to Grandpa’s house. I know it too big for just one but I think it’s time I was out on my own. I got the money now, and I may as well start living my own life. What do you think?”

“Well; Grandpa did leave you the house, car and a find trust account. Its up to you. I think you’ll do what ever you feel is best for you.”

I asked “Have you and Dad talked about what we did today?”

“We did. We agreed we both love you and as for me I enjoyed loving you and you loving me. I don’t see any thing wrong with that. Your Father is part of it and we’ve never been jealous so we’re good if you are?”

I smiled and said “I’m good. I just get so fucking horny when ever we’re close. All I can think of is fucking you. I guess young guys are just this way? Right?”

Mom said “The ones I’ve known are pretty much the same way. Fuck, fuck and fuck some more with a blow job in between. You’re a lot like your Father was thirty years ago.”

I liked that. I took it as a compliment.

“Where’s Dad?”

“He went over to see a friend and maybe stop by the driving range for a while. He’ll be home late. We can eat with out him.”

“Mom your so different today. Is it because, well because?”

“You’re a man, Bill and we are now more than Mother and son. What can I tell you! We can not go back.”

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“No I guess we can’t. But Mom for me its more than just that we had sex. I see you as a marvelous sexy woman and I see you as someone I can love physically and still have the greatest respect for. I love you more now than ever before.”

Mom smiled and said “It’s the same for me Bill. If your dick was not so sore I grab your ass and pull you back up stairs.”

We laughed I said “Yea, I guess we’re getting too serious. But you know how I feel.”

Mom said “Why don’t we go to a movie? I’ll leave Dad a note and we can eat out.”

I said “Great Idea. There a good one down town. I’ll check the paper for the time.”

We entered the family restaurant just across the street from the movie and took a seat by the window.

We were almost finished eating when I saw a buddy of mine. He was walking toward the restaurant he waved at us through the window.

Mom said “Who’s that?”

I said “A buddy, we worked together last year for that construction company. I don’t think you ever met him. He’s nice. A little older than me but we became friends.”

Mom said “Bill, don’t introduce me as your mother. Just say I’m a friend. Let him think what ever he wants to think. Let’s have some fun?” Mom winked as Tom came up.

I said “Hi Tom. How have you been? Oh, excuse me this is a dear friend Elaine.”

Tom held out his hand to Mom and she took it. Tom held her hand a moment longer than he needed to. I saw something pass between them. I thought “Holly shit Mom a fucking flirt.”

Mom said “We’ve some time yet. We’re going to the movie. Would you like to join us while we have dessert Tom?”

Tom smiled and pulled out a chair. He said “I don’t want to bust your bubble but you can save your money that movie is a bomb. It not at all as advertised. But its your dime. But I walked out half way through.”

Mom acted disappointed then said “Is there one you would recommend?”

Tom said “I have an apartment near by. I’ve got a rather large collection of all kinds of movies. Maybe there is one you might like. I can either loan it to you to take home or you can watch it at my place.”

I said just out of curiously. “I bet your collection is all pornography knowing you.” I laughed and so did Tom and Mom.

Tom said “I’ll not deny there maybe a few in my collection but we all need something to add some spice to our dull lives.”

Mom said “Tom; a young handsome man like you. I’m sure you have all the spice you can handle.”

Tom looked Mom right in the eye and said “Elaine there is spice and there is spice. Some time spice is well served in a slower more mature mug. Kind of like spiced Rum is better if aged well.”

Mom looked at me and said “Bill; what do you want to do? It was your idea to come to this movie. I’ll go along with what ever you decide.”

I said “Elaine, I brought you out tonight to have a little fun. Maybe a visit to Tom’s apartment might be just the ticket for having some fun.”

When I saw the tall condo I said “You’re doing very well I take it Tom.”

Tom said “I do alright. I’ve opened my own business across town.”

Mom said “Oh, and what is it you do Tom?”

“Elaine, I’ve gotten in to home repair and bathroom makeovers.

Its surprising how many of the older home need up dating and most people start with the bathroom. I’ve got a great crew and yes I do alright.”

Tom fixed drinks for us and we took a seat on a sofa in front of a cold fire place. But it had been used and I thought “Great Place to fuck.”

Tom sat across from us in a large lounge chair. I stood and asked where the bathroom was. Tom pointed down the hall. I turned around the corner and looked back. Tom was already over to fill the void I left.

Tom said “Elaine what are you doing with this kid?”

She said “You think I should be with some one older? Maybe with some one like you?”

Tom moved up real close to Mom and said “Elaine you’re so hot. Why not send Bill home so you and I can have a good time.”

Mom did not pull back when Tom kissed her. I watched as Tom took her hand and pulled it on to his lap.

Mom squeezed his cock and jerk on it a few times. Mom said “Nice very nice. But it will have to wait. When Bill gets back I think we better go home.”

Tom sat back and only smiled.

I returned a few minutes later and Mom said “Bill I think I want to go home. Would you mind if we call it an early night?”

I said “No, not at all.”

Once out side I asked what that was all about and Mom just laughed and said “I think your friend is very nice but I’m happy with my two guys. I don’t need a third.”

I said “I thought you like doubles?”

“Yes I do. But its so much more enjoyable with you and Dad. I could enjoy Tom as a one on one some afternoon. But I don’t want him knowing we’re family.”

I kind of understood.

We went home and found Dad sleeping. I think he and his buddy must have had a few too many.

Mom and I slipped into my bed naked. My dick was still sore so she came up behind me pushed her tits into my back reached around took my cock in her hand as we fell asleep.

Monday morning;

Dad was off to work and I was sitting on the back porch with my second cup of coffee. Mom came out to take a chair. She said “I love this screened porch. I think it one of your Dad’s better ideas.” Looking at me she asked “What are you going to do today?”

I said “I thought I would go over to the house and see what it would take to get it livable. Maybe check in the shed for a set of plug wires for the car. Dad said Grandpa kept a lot of extra car parts there. What are you going to do?”

She told me the house needed cleaned up and there was laundry to do. So I got dressed and stood at the back door. Hugging Mom. I cupped a tit and ass as I kissed her. I said as I tuned to leave. My dick is fine. I think you’re going to get fucked later. How does that sound?”

Mom laughed and said “With or with out Daddy.”

I did not answer but I thought maybe alone.

The car made it to my new house without miss hap. I parked in the rear and went to get the key from the garage. That’s where Grandpa kept the extra house key.

Turning around I came face to face with a plump blonde older lady. She smiled and I returned her grin.

“Hi, I’m Wilda Lark I live across the alley. I was a friend of your Grandfathers. He went so quickly I’ve not gotten over it yet.”

She held out her hand and I took it. “I’m Bill. Grandpa left me the house. I was just going to take a look around. Have you been in the house? Would like to come in?”

Wilda said “Yes, I’ve liked this house from the first time I saw it. Your Grandpa and I were very good friends even if I’ve only lived here a short while.

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The other Grandson came by and got the other pick up truck a few days ago. I don’t think he went into the house.”

I said “Tony. I got the old Mustang and Tony got the pick up truck.”

She smiled and looked at me “But you got the house. Grandpa must have liked you.”

I said “Yes he did.”

Mrs. Lark was very attractive for a lady in her late fifties of maybe even sixties. Pretty face, large round giggling breasts, not real broad in the ass with nice legs what I could see of them. I got the feeling that maybe Grandpa had seen more of Mrs. Lark, a lot more. It was something in her eyes that said “Your Grandpa fucked me.”

I shook off the sexual sensation this old broad was giving off and walked toward the house with her close behind.

I asked “So you’ve been in the house before?”

“Yes why do you ask?”

“I was wondering if you had any idea what if anything it would need to have repaired before I move in.”

She said “Your Grandpa said once that the upstairs plumping needed some updating.

If you’re going to live and eat here you might want to renovate the kitchen. The appliances are very old and I’m not sure the refrigerator works. Andy showed me through the bedroom once and said that the roof might need to be redone soon.”

I said “I bet he showed you more than the bedroom. I knew Grandpa pretty well and I’ll just bet he got your plump cute ass in his bed.”

She stopped, blinked and looked at me as if she were going to get mad and then started to laugh. I laughed too.

I stepped up close and pulled this old broad into my arms. I kissed her and she kissed me back. Wilda was one hell of a kisser. I cupped one of her big old tits and

Said “Grandpa had a good eye for sexy, beautiful and fuckable women.”

Wilda laughed and said “God you’re a lot like Andy.”

I said “Why don’t we go up to the bedroom so you can show me that leaky ceiling.”

In no time I had big old Wilda on her hands and knees on the bed watching her tits bounce and swing back and forth as I fucked her doggie.

She cried out she was cumming and I banded faster and harder. She moaned, groaned and jerked her big old ass back into me.

I said “I want to fuck you in the ass.”

She cried out “Yes, yes quickly fuck my ass.”

I whipped my wet cum covered cock out of her dripping pussy and pushed it easily into her plump ass hole. This old gal had been ass fucked may times before and she knew how to relax her ass hole to take a cock. I fucked her happily a few minutes then pumped her ass full of cum.

I washed my cock off at the sink as Wilda wiped her ass and pussy while sitting on the toilet. I turned back around and pointed my not so limp cock at her.

Wilda smiled and willingly opened her generous mouth and sucked my cock well back into her slippery mouth. Wilda had sucked more than a few cocks I could tell. She suck, milked my cock as I cum swallowing every drop and wishing I had more for her.

I stood at the kitchen door waving at the plump little neighbor and thought I’ll fuck you again dear Wilda. If I ever had a Grandma I’d want one just like her.

Over the next four weeks Gina never called, never came by and seemed to be avoiding me. I did not ask and I did not try to find out why. I did not know what had happened but what ever it was it was okay with me.

Dad seemed to be working a lot and I only saw Mom at bed time. I tried to get her and Dad to have another threesome but it just did not work out. Mom did come to my bed a few times for a quickie or to give me a blow job or to just sleep curled up behind me reaching around to hold my cock. I did not push it.

The lady I hired to decorate the house and the contractor to do the renovations were nice people and the job was done in just a few months.

I held a new set of keys and looked at my new home. Not that the house was new but it was new to me. I hoped Grandpa would approve of the renovations and other changes I had made.

I wanted this to be a special day. I called Mom and invited her over. Then I called dear Mrs. Lark from across the alley. I had been flirting with a cute red head down at the garden center. Sweet Regina had given me her phone number so I called. She was free and would like to see my newly renovated home. Dad said he would make it if he could but he was really busy at work. I did not want to be alone with three women so I called Tom. He said he would be here.

I called a catering service and as luck would have it the lady was not booked for today.

I told her the ranges in ages of my guests as if that had something to do with what she would serve and let the menu up to her.

The only work I had done up stairs was the plumping in the two bathrooms and some painting. I had allowed the decorator to also pick up some sheets, pillow cases and towels and other stuff for the bathroom.

I propped open the front door and the back door off the kitchen. I wanted a cross draft to kind of clean out the house and the smell of paint. There is also a side door that opens off the landing that goes down to the basement. I did not open it.

I stepped into my new shower. It was wonderful. I got out and seen I had forgotten to get out some of those new towels. I walked naked down the hall to a small closet where they had taken up residence. I grabbed a bunch of stuff and noticed the closet was not all that deep.

The closet was built into the wall between the master bedroom and one of the guest rooms. There were two guest rooms up here on the second floor. I had not noticed a recess in the wall in either the master bedroom or the guest room. So I thought there had to be a lot of dead space between the two rooms from the back of the closet and the outside wall. That must be some fifteen feet or more. A space of fifteen feet by five or six wide was a considerable size. I thought I needed to open it up and use that space. I put that little project on my to-do list and went to my bedroom to get dressed.

I thought about Mom and Dad, Tom, Mrs. Lark and Regina. This could be a nice party, or it could turn out to be one hell of a house warming.

I mean this bunch could really get hot. I wanted to get some of Regina and had left little doubt about why I had invited her. She was a little older than me but what the hell every one was older than me.

I loved fucking Mrs. Lark, she was hot to trot, willing to do any thing sexual and loved it all and she was sixty. I think this could turn out to be one hell of a party. I do hope Dad can make it. I think he and Mom would be a driving force to open up and loosen up the others.
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